Food ingredients

Savory flavors

NDH Foods offers a wide range of savory flavors including all natural chicken and turkey broth, meat and meat reaction flavors, spice and herb flavors and extracts. These ingredients are available in powder as well as in liquid form and are Halal certified. Here follows a small selection of our savory flavors available:

Meat flavors

  • Chicken or Poultry Flavor
  • Beef Flavor
  • Lamb Flavor
  • Ham Flavor
  • Fish Flavor
  • Liver Flavor
  • Salami Flavor

Other savory flavors

  • Garlic Flavor
  • Onion Flavor
  • Mushroom Flavor
  • Cream/Dairy Flavor
  • Spices & Herbs Flavor
  • Herbs Flavor
  • BBQ/Grill Flavor
  • Tomato Flavor
  • Smoke Flavor
  • Cheese Flavor